About Us (Like you didn’t know already)

Bride: Ashley, 25.  HR Rep for a corporate coffee empire.  Enjoys experimental cooking (often failing) and re-reading her favorite books.  Fan of early 20th century ex-pat literature and nature documentaries.  Secret fan of sci-fi/fantasy literature and the reality show Toddlers & Tiaras.

Groom: Nick, 27.  Professional nerd.  Enjoys doing nerd things and playing nerd games.  Fan of sci-fi/fantasy literature and Wes Anderson films.  Not a secret fan of anything as nerds have no shame.

How We Met

How the groom remembers it: It was just another night at the Sigma Chi house filled with loud music and red plastic cups.  It was unlike another night at the Sigma Chi house in that Nick was actually studying.  Late into the evening, two girls stumble into the room and start talking about girl things and squealing.  One of them, Ashley, turns to Nick suddenly and asks “Do you have a girlfiend?” She runs away before Nick can answer.

How the bride remembers it: She doesn’t.

It takes two years for Nick to finally answer “No, but you could be.”

It takes another four years for another important question to be asked.  Ashley wastes no time in her answer, though.